NBRF-INTL AUCTION: STARTS: Fri. 7/20/18 at 7 PM EST ENDS Fri. 8/3/17 at 7 PM EST.

Proceeds will go to the care & transport of 6 Borzoi in very sad & rough shape thankfully rescued from the S. Korean meat market. We welcome any items/shipping you'd like to donate (you can post on the page) and of course your SHARES & BIDS after auction starts!

We can't thank you enough for being a part of Team Borzoi & your support!!!!!!!!!!!
It's ALL about the Borzoi that we so love!

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NBRF is pleased to Announce the addition of NBRF International.

Because of the generosity of  a lovely, caring lady who has been owned by and loved Borzoi for a very long time, we are pleased to announce a new and separate arm of NBRF, called NBRF International.  We can now help Borzoi in countries where there is no other hope of rescue for them.  Funding for NBRF International is completely separate from NBRF.  No NBRF funds will be spent to rescue any Borzoi from outside the US.  It is only because of the kindness and amazing generosity of benefactor, Ann Marie Wiseman that we are able to help Borzoi internationally to a life of love here in the US.

We have set up a separate Face Book page for NBRF International.   We may at some point set up a separate website for International but at this time, there are no plans for that.

The cost to bring dogs over is not cheap and quite involved but, well worth the effort.

The cost including all the medical testing, vaccinations and health certificates, giant crate with extensions, transportation from the shelter to the foster home and from foster home to airport, and finally air shipping from Korea to the US can run around $1,800 or more.

Click on the pics or names of our international dogs below to learn their stories.

If you prefer to mail your donations, you may send them to:

Liz Duncan-Burge, Secretary/Treasurer NBRF
P.O. Box 231
Dix, IL 62830