Please Read the Following Carefully:

When considering adoption, please consider the dog's, as well as your, location. Unless you are able to do a considerable amount of driving to get a rescue clear across the country, or pay someone's gas to help move a dog, it can't be expected that NBRF pick up the cost for you. Please be reasonable in your expectations.

NBRF is no longer sponsoring new Borzoi cross cases for adoption. NBRF's purebred Borzoi funds will not be used to support Borzoi crosses.

All crosses on this page are being funded by individuals or other organizations.

NBRF will occasionally do cooperative placements with other organizations. In these cases, the other organization holds control and responsibility for the dog, and NBRF is simply assisting by posting the dog on our website to give them a more focused exposure.


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If you prefer to mail your donations, you may send them to:

Liz Duncan-Burge, Secretary/Treasurer NBRF
P.O. Box 231
Dix, IL 62830