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7 years

Skye & Zip are 7 years old.  Spayed and neutered, current on vaccinations and heart worm.  They can go together or separately but we would prefer together.

They were returned to their breeder by their owner due to health problems of the owner, not the dogs.  Both are in great shape and are living in Persia, IA.  Breeder is able to do some driving to meet a home part way but please be reasonable when considering location.  If you have room in your home and heart for Sky & Zip please fill out our adoption application and email to

Skye, the female and the darker dog, is very quiet in the house and very sweet and careful.  Very "borzoi" in her actions and grace.  She is the hunter outside, I have seen her hunt in heavy brush for small creatures.  We do have a house cat, "Smitty", who also goes outside.  When in the house, Sky and Zip both acknowledge him with sniffing but otherwise ignore him.  When he goes outside when they are out they watch him but don't move toward him.  I do not trust Skye outside with Smitty unless a)I am with them and alert and b) Smitty has a quick exit if he needs it.  So far Skye has not been a problem >at all< but she has already killed two of our barn cats.  So she knows the difference between "ours" and "wild" but I would still be cautious because of her prey drive.  She is very easy to be with, and very smart. I have a dog door but do sometimes lock it.  If she needs to go outside, she will come to let me know.  She asks for attention and I don't thin she is getting enough hugging and loving right now.  I think she would agree.  I think she is a lovely dog altogether.

Zip is a very big boy, with heavy bone.  He is very careful and deliberate with his movements so as not to disturb anything or anyone, but this can require some thought and time on his part.  I don't think he is very very smart, but he is very very thoughtful, and sensitive.  He will sit next to you for company sometimes, happy for the petting, or just for the company, and when I have been "down" a bit he seems to want to hang with me more.  I really like him, he is just a big doofus though.  He has developed some intestinal gas since being here and might require some care in selecting the right food for him to control this.