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6 years

Serena Update

Serena is doing so well, and each day she becomes more loving.  She is playing with us as well as her toys, and she is the best house dog that we have ever had.  She blew her coat about two weeks after we got her, and now a beautiful wavy coat is coming back.  Her new vet said that she was in great shape and has her on an internal flea preventive.  She has gained about 5 lbs from the reported weight in her previous vet papers and eats well. 

We take walks in the neighborhood, and all our friends love her too.  She is great at meeting and greeting and shows no interest in the neighborhood dogs or cats. We have found that she is very afraid of umbrellas, so we have to break out the raincoats to walk in the rain.  She was also afraid of someone grabbing her collar but is doing much better with this.  We figure that in both cases someone really abused her with an umbrella or grabbed her by the collar and hurt her.  For awhile she was timid around men, but we have overcome that too.  She has made incredible progress in two and a half months and continues to surprise us every day with her smiles and puppy like behavior.   Thank you so much for letting us be her forever parents. 

Best regards, Tom & Sue 


Serena has found a forever home

Here is Serena.  She will be 6 years old in July.  As you can see, she is a lovely, sweet Girl.  Serena is spayed and current on everything including heart worm prevention.  She is currently being fostered in TN.  Serena is special needs because she has a heart condition but is expected to live a normal life.  She will do best in a home with no cats, small dogs or young children.  She would be fine in a walking home.

If you have a soft spot in your heart for this beautiful Lady, please contact Carol Backers at or 1-888-264-8898.  You may also fill out an adoption application on our website and email it to the address above.

Thank you for considering lovely Serena.