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Recently NBRF-I was informed about a young female with three puppies was found on the street.  People had been feeding them.  There were caught and taken to a shelter and NBRF-I was asked if we could help.  The puppies are not purebred and it was decided that she Shelter would place them and NBRF-I would take the mother,  They named her Pechora.  Come to find out, Pechora is quite the escape artist and escaped over a wall from the shelter but was again caught.  She has been released to a wonderful foster home in Russia who is seeing to a wound she incurred during her escape and getting her used to being around people both men, women and children as well as other dogs.  As you can see from some of the pictures, there is quite a bend in her right foreleg.  She has been seen by a veterinarian in Russia who believes nothing can or should be done about that.  She seems not to have any problems or be in pain from it.  We will of course have that looked at once Pechora arrives here.  As of yet we have no set date for her arrival.  Once she is vaccinated for rabies it will be 30 days before she can come into the country.

Here is a description of Pechora from her foster mon Lyudmila.  As you can see, she is still adjusting to life as a companion to people and not a street dog.  Because of her desire not to be confined and escape, we are considering apartment life for her where she will have to be walked with no access to a yard she can escape from.  We do not believe a hot wire would deter her from leaving.  We have no doubt Pechora will blossom is the right home.

If you believe you are the person to give this Borzoi the wonderful life she so much deserves, please fill out our adoption application which can be found on our website and email to Carol Backers  


Here is the information about our Pechora.

Pechora becomes more joyful when she communicates with people. She is getting used to Lyudmila and step by step shows more emotions when she meets Lyudmila, waives her tail.

When Pechora sees cats she becomes alerted, but does not push forward aggressively.

She is equally calm with men and kids. Since Lyudmila takes care of Pechora, Pechora shows affection to Lyudmila.

Lyudmila thinks Pechora can get used to any dog (of any size), she just needs time. Even when Lyudmila's other dogs bark through the fence, Pechora's reaction is calm. She does not play with other dogs.

Pechora is very smart. She needs time to become a "normal dog".

Lyudmila unleashed her within the house territory, Pechora walked around a bit and after that started searching for holes in the fence.