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2 years

Merlin has been adopted!


Here is our newest rescue Boy, Merlin.  The hair on his eye is growing back.  That is from a cat encounter.


Merlin is a two year old, neutered male Borzoi who was imported from the Czech Republic .  His owner surrendered him to NBRF and his breeder has asked us to find a new and loving  home for him so that is what we are going to do.


Merlin has a strong prey drive so no cats or small dogs but other large dogs are fine and of course, another Borzoi would be lovely.  He is currently in a foster home in Vermont.  Merlin is current on vaccinations heartworm negative and chipped.  He is just stunning and a very happy boy, eager to please. A securely fenced yard is necessary with at least 5 foot fencing.  We believe he would be bored as an only dog as he enjoys the company of 

the other Borzoi in the foster home.  Remember, Merlin is only two years old and still really a puppy at heart.


If you feel Merlin would be a welcome addition to your home and heart, please fill out our adoption application and email it 

to Carol Backers at