September 2014 UPDATE:

Carol, attached are 3 pix of Lukas Gabriel (Luke). We are going to bathe
Wicky before sending pix, so Luke will do for the time being. I took pix
outside as the light is better than in the house. His story is below and
feel free to edit as I tend to be long-winded when it comes to my babies!
Love, Bill and Linda Grindstaff, Limestone, TN

Luke's story is one that tugs at the heart strings and also makes us aware
of just how unfeeling some people can be when it comes to other living
beings. Luke was abandoned by the side of a busy road in Beauford, SC when
he was only 4 months' old. He was taken into custody by a Sheriff's Deputy
and taken to the Humane Society of the Low Country. His future foster mom,
Anna, fostered border collies and took both Luke and a Border collie named
Jake home shortly after they ended up in the shelter. She had to call some
people and send pictures to find out what kind of dog Luke was. He and Jake
became fast friends.

Luke was found to have demodectic mange (the kind that takes all the life
out of a dog). Demodectic mange is an immune disorder which can be caused
from not being fed and taken care of properly, and it was likely his mother
and entire litter had this disease as well. It was never known where the
rest of the litter was or who had dumped him by the side of the road and
driven off leaving a baby to fend for himself. To this day, Luke hates cars,
and it is always a battle to get him into and out of car for needed trips to

We found Luke on NBRF's site when he was 10 months' old. His foster parents,
John and Anna, had been giving him medicated baths to treat the demodectic
mange, and it was working very well. Good food and great companionship also
helped a lot as well. Bill and I drove from NE TN to SC in October of 2006
to pick him up as he was so afraid of cars the "rescue railroad" was out of
the question. We took our hurricane Katrina survivor rescue, Breeze, with us
so she could "pick him out". Breeze was part lab and Giant Schnauzer and
very bossy and particular who came into "her" home, so we let her check him
out along with us. Luke had a limp when we finally arrived that Saturday
night, and John and Anna figured he had stepped into a hole when running
with the Borders.

We brought him home and started getting him settled in. We also had an old
Wolf Hybrid named Jamie, and she was very friendly with him and they became
fast friends. Breeze had to be her usual bossy self a couple of times and
then accepted him. His limp caused us to keep him on leash when outside for
a couple of weeks after which it just went away. He then became a running
fool with Jamie and Breeze trailing behind. His mange was completely cured,
and we never had to use the medicated shampoo sent with him just in case. He
continued to grow both physically and emotionally for a number of years'. In
2014, he developed a bad limp on right side which took us  back to the
beginning with him. X-Ray showed a fractured hip that was becoming grossly
out of socket and causing him  much pain. Vet said the only way a fracture
of that kind could have happened was for him to have been hit by a car or
truck while John and Anna were at work.

Since Luke is almost 8 years old, it is too late for any corrective surgery,
so he takes Tramadol and is so far doing well with it. As pain and stiffness
increase, we'll have to increase dosage to the point where we cannot give
him anymore. At that time, we know we'll have to make the heart breaking
decision to help him over the Rainbow Bridge. For now, we are happy he feels
better, and he enjoys his orthopedic mattresses in living room and in his

Luke is a funny, kind and loving boy that makes our lives fuller and more
joyful every day we spend with him. In 2008, we adopted another black Borzoi
named Wicky who will soon be 10. Her story and pictures will follow after we
give our girl a nice bath before her photo-op. We also adopted a local
rescue medium sized female dog a few years' ago who had been tied to a tree
along with her four companions while they watched their caregivers drive
away. A local rescue group took them into their care, and Akira came to us
as a foster dog who decided to adopt us. She and Luke are BFF's, and she
loves Wicky dearly as well. Wicky is like a Mother to both of the younger

We feel very blessed to be able to have all 3 of these wonderful dogs in our
lives for however long we have with them. Though our hearts will break when
it is time to let them go, our hearts will remain open to the next sweet
little thing that needs us. Always keep your heart open to the next one who
needs you. Thank you Carol for always being there for us in times of
troubles with our beloved Zoi! Bill and Linda