I am sadder than I can express to let you know that 2 Sundays ago Lida passed away. She’d been hard to feed for about 2 weeks and had a bit of a gagging cough. We went to a bunch of vets, the oncologist finally told us 2 days prior to her death that the cancer was back. But - no one thought it was so advanced that I would have to make any decisions for at least a few weeks. But on Sunday, we got up early to beat the heat. She jumped off the couch, peed when we got outside, and then about a block from our hse, she did a little hop. I thought she might have stepped on glass or something, so I helped her to lie down so that I could check her paws. She lay down and then took her last breath.

In my grief I try to concentrate on all that she brought to my life. There was a lightness, an effortless charm that just subtly radiated every moment of her life. I miss my girl - tossing her head, leaning in, running for the joy of movement, even on 3 legs. She was a gift larger than life, and I thank you for trusting me with her.

It’s been a tough year, in which I lost my cat, Kale and now Lida. Really a life changing year. I miss them all so dearly.

One of the beauties of Lida was that she never got old. She always had a young personality, and even after the surgery, she was agile and showed no signs of arthritis. She was beautiful, inside and out. I think I told you that I took in an unaccompanied refugee minor - a lovely young woman from the Congo. She’d never felt comfortable arnd dogs, until she met Lida. She was first shocked by Lida’s height and long nose, and then she simply fell in love with her sweetness. I’d come home to them snuggling - on walks Diane would rest her hand on Lida’s head.

I’m not sure when I’ll be ready to apply for a new pup - on the one hand, it’s the first time in my life that I haven’t had a canine friend. On the other, I’m just so sad.

But, I saw that you are looking for fosters for some borzois from Korea - if they arrive in the DC area, I’m available to foster. I have a young cat, but he was raised by Kale and Lida and really misses his Lida. If you end up not needing a foster in the mid-Atlantic states - sometime in the future, if a youngster comes to your attention, please think of my home as a possible placement.

In closing, I thought you’d like the following story. A woman came up to me the other day on the street. I didn’t know her. She said that she was a dog walker, and she’d heard from other dog walkers that Lida had passed. She said that we were famous among the dog walkers - none of whom I’ve ever employed - because we seemed so happy in one another’s company, so blissful w/ one another. I started crying, of course, but it’s true, we were blissfully happy in one another’s company.

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