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Hummer & Chavelle have found a forever home with their foster mom

Meet Hummer and Chavelle.  They are brother and sister and are looking for a Loving Forever Home.  They are 6 years old and would like to be kept together if possible.  Favorite things:  Air Conditioning, Couches and Dried Chicken Jerky treats.  They are a little shy especially around men, but they warm up quick.  They would like nothing better than to be showered with hugs and kisses 24/7.  Chavelle has a heart condition.  She does not have any symptoms  and is on medication and would need regular follow up care.    They are happy dogs and have excellent temperaments.  Hummer is a Champion and was almost a Grand Champion.  Hummer is neutered but because of Chavelle’s heart condition, we are unable to spay her. They love people.   On the sweetness scale of 1-10, they are off the charts.  If you are looking for love, these 2 can provide that 100 times over.

If you prefer to mail your donations, you may send them to:

Liz Duncan-Burge, Secretary/Treasurer NBRF
P.O. Box 231
Dix, IL 62830