The world of Borzoi is so much less today, April 19, 2015, because we are without the Grand Dame we all knew and loved, Nadine Johnson, Rising Star Borzoi.  Nadine was friend to all she meet and her beautiful, sound, sweet Borzoi graced so many lives and are found in most pedigrees across the country. 

Nadine was beautiful in body, spirit and heart.  She was the essence of everything Borzoi.  She graced so many lives and her influence in Borzoi is unmatched in her lifetime.  Nadine was never too busy to answer any question or welcome a newcomer to our breed or mentor a new puppy owner.   

She was also there for any Borzoi in need.  Nadine once drove 300 miles, one way to rescue a Borzoi out of a shelter only to find out when she got there, the dog was not even a Borzoi.  Whenever rescue called for help, Nadine answered that call.  She kept and loved two NBRF Borzoi and after the passing of her last rescue, called to let us know there was room for yet another in her home and heart.  What a BIG heart that was!

Nadine's accomplishments in Borzoi are truly monumental but what I will remember most about her is her grace and her love for this amazing breed.  The woman was truly amazing, showing her own dogs well into her 80s even after two hip replacements.  Her Borzoi never missed a step or put a foot down wrong.  They floated around the ring and never took their eyes off their beloved mistress.  It was obvious to all, her Borzoi adored her.  It was always a joy to watch. 

All who knew Nadine loved her.  We are all so much more for having had her in our lives and hearts yet we are so much less without her now.  I know she is where her dogs are now and they have all greeted her with overwhelming joy.  What an joyous meeting that must have been. 

Thank you Nadine for the beauty, grace and love you have brought to so many of our lives.  We all miss you more than we can say but, we will never forget you.

Nadine Anne Johnson

November 6, 1922 - April 19. 2015


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A Note About Borzoi Rescue Organizations

The Borzoi community is fortunate to have a low rate of dogs needing rescue and excellent homes waiting to adopt them. Any web site or organization offering a large number of rescue Borzoi should be researched thoroughly if you are considering acquiring a dog from them. In addition, there are now quite a few 'pets for profit' organizations nationwide. These organizations often incorporate the word 'rescue' into their company names and marketing materials, and their fees are typically very high compared to legitimate 501(c)3 rescue groups.

We wish to help potential owners discern 'pets for profit' from true breed or all-breed rescue organizations. Click on our links page for the Borzoi Rescue organizations in California and Canada. Please feel free to contact us for background information on any other organization which may be offering Borzoi as rescues.


Please watch this video before considering adopting any dog from rescue or buying from a responsible breeder. (This video depicts some of the reasons why people no longer wish to keep their pets and why the pets may end up in rescue.)


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Thank you for visiting the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation on the web. We were formed in December of 1994.   N.B.R.F. is dedicated to the rescue and placement of all displaced borzoi into good, permanent homes through our adoption program.

The Rescue operation is costly, but the need is urgent and, unfortunately, ongoing. The N.B.R.F. is made possible with the continuing efforts of our many supporters and donations from Borzoi Breed Clubs across the country, individuals, fund raisers and adoption fees.

Since you will be making a ten to fifteen year commitment, please consider carefully before adopting a borzoi. Please feel free to contact the N.B.R.F. at any time. We will be happy to answer all your questions or assist you in finding the right Borzoi for your particular situation.



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We would like to thank Shirley Grissom (seller "delilahwhispers" on Ebay) for her continued generous support of NBRF!!! Shirley kindly donates 20% of her ebay sales to NBRF and we so appreciate it!!!  Check out her items that change weekly!... Many of these she has collected in her travels throughout Europe too.

Shirley has had many NBRF rescue Borzoi & her current one is a beautiful tri named Cairo. Thank you so much Shirley!!!



(In Memory of Kirill)

WHEN will the pain stop,
HOW long will I stay numb?
JUST when the crying eases,
MEMORIES flow back and more tears come.

WHEN will my broken heart begin to mend,
WHEN will I start to feel whole again?
NOTHING but emptiness all around,
WITHOUT a single Borzoi sound.

OVER 36 years and 6 Zois by name,
(Czar, Hope, Chelsea, Rosie, Nicki and Kirill)
EACH one on their own
CLAIMED a piece of my heart when they came.

WHEN they left for the "Bridge", each in their own time,
"I can't do this again", was what always came to mind.
THE grieving process is just too much, I would say,
THEN Rescue would call and tell me, "I have another on the way".

MAYBE that's what we're here for, after all,
BECAUSE when Borzoi Rescue phones, we always take the call.
KIRILL was my latest who stole my heart and for whom I now weep,
BUT I know when the time is right, he'll send another for me to keep.